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The XRP Community Fund was established to help fund the development of tools, apps, plug-ins, as well as system integrations to with the goal that customers and small businesses will find it easier to use XRP and be more likely to adapt to this technology. There is more informatioon about the fund at @XRP_FUND, and XRP Community Fund Foundation.

The funds that donated will be 100% transparent and used  to help developers continue to work. The projects that will be designed and implemented will be submitted by the community that is involved. This gives the community a voice to have things developed that they will actually use and want to see developed.

To help support or get involved there will is a event that will be held Nov 16, 2019. To participate in this event the ticket cost is 5 XRP that will go to the XRP Community Fund. Event tickets are purchased by sending 5 XRP to @Here4XRP twitter account. You will then be given the link for the live stream event where there will be giveaways, awards, and special performances. There will be no limit to tickets that you can buy each ticket will be another entry into the drawings. 

The goal for the fundraiser is 10,000 XRP to be able to donate to the XRP Community Fund to continue to help with the ecosystem and development process. To see the current community suggestions for projects they are listed Here.


Here 4 XRP – YouTube Channel 

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There are these funds that are in place for many other types of cryptocurrencies, they are funded in many different ways for example Bitcoin has sponsorship programs that fund a lot of the developers, Ethereum has DApps that the developers can earn from, as well as mining for crypto to earn for profits. XRP is different in many ways to most and developers that create tools, apps and plug-ins will not be able to with out the help from the community. 

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