@Here4Xrp “#Vote4urFavs”

Here 4 XRP continues to grow day by day as more and more of the XRP community members wish to contribute to the cause. Realizing that the ecosystem as a whole will only benefit from encouragement and donations to XRP Community Fund

For those that don’t feel comfortable donating to Here 4 XRP but still believe in the XRP Community Fund and would like to support them are encouraged to check out there site. 

Voting will be broken up into 3 Phases.

  • Round 1 – Sep 26 – Oct 12 | Free Form 
  • Round 2 – Oct 14 – Nov 2 | Multiple Choice 
  • Round 3 – Nov 7 – Nov 13 | Twitter Polls 

During the phases of voting the top number of each will progress to the next phase so please be sure to vote for the ones who you think should win. EACH phase will be important if you want your “favs” to win as depicted in the comic displayed above donated to Here 4 XRP by @Kricket139.

The event will be held on Nov 16 at 7 PM EST. Each ticket cost 5 XRP a link will be provided to online event. There is no limit to tickets you can buy the more tickets that you buy = more chances to win a PRIZE

For more in depth information the XRP Community Fund @Hodor did a great article. You can fine it on his Coil page or just click the picture below. 

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