Learning Blockchain

Over the past 10 years blockchain has been on the upraise with that comes demand for professionals that have the knowledge and experience to accomplish the day to day tasked need in development and upkeep. 

the demand for blockchain development skills has risen in the market. Blockchain is the No.1 skill as stated be Upwork’s list. The fastest growing skills in Q1 2018, with 6,000 % of the growth in the past three quarters.

Those that had the foresight to learn this exciting technology early are at the forefront of a major career field at this point. A quick search for avaiable jobs resulted in positions open at companies like IMB, Amazon, Offchain Labs, Verizon and many more.  

As the demand expands the available courses are as well many different programs are offered to learn both online and in class. 

Simplilearn offers both online and in class with certifications 

eCornell offers a online certification consisting of 4 courses 

digitaldefynd.com has compiled a list of 10 Best blockchain certifications and training with descriptions on each. 

There are more and programs that seem to be coming available for everyone willing to learn and this technology defiantly does not seem to be going anywhere any time soon. 

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