Visa In Crypto

As more eyes turn to crypto as things move forward, major credit card companies have been cautious to adapt to this new technology. Now, Visa appears ready to enter the space, having recently made significant investments in blockchain startups, and revealing plans to offer financial services that utilize the technology. This is already been shown with the MOC Visa Debit card offered by

The company offers cash back rewards when the using the the card. These can vary from 1% – 5% depending on how much of the MCO token you will be willing to stake. On top of that offering Spotify, Netflix, Expedia, Airbnb, and Loungekey airport access depending on the tier.

MCO card comes with an app that comes with a internal wallet and market tracking features. Buy and sell 7 fiat and 44 different crypto assets all in one place. The debit feature works like a prepaid debit card that allows you select with in the app what currency you would like to spend at the time.

Over all this seems like a great concept and huge step for crypto and the adoption to real world usage.

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