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OTC or On The Chain has been developed to spread awareness and knowledge all in one place. They aim to take on not only that but a great deal more, having heard from the community and taking everything that has been said with past experiences they want to provide content not only on one platform but all of them.

In the past users were limited to the resources that they were able to consume content on well that is now a thing of the past OTC will be working very hard with a team creators to spread across many different platforms.

Jungle Inc. does a great a job on this interview and they really express the vision for what they are trying to create. For more information straight from some of the team that has been working so hard on this check out the video below.

On The Chain is made up currently of Crypto Eri, Jungle Inc, Rob Cash, Sincerely George, OZ Crypto, Jeff The Hodl Review, Rain, and Chip.

The OTC Show line up.

One of the difficulties that has been expressed is that its great to videos and content on YouTube, but most of the time I’m to busy or I’m listing and doing something else. If you have ever had this challenge well you are in luck OTC will be running podcast. They will be available on the platforms listed below.


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