Revolut In the USA

Revolut is now available to U.S. based customers. However they have been available for use since 2015 in many European countries. This is not a standard banking account it is set up and managed all from your smart phone. The account can be opened in minutes and you can start managing your money, spending money abroad, sending money abroad, and setting up reoccurring paying.  Your funds are held with Metropolitan Commercial Bank and are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Internal to the app there is many features to highlight a few that I personally found interesting. Funds can be exchanged internal to the app to different currencies if you have USD and you need some EUR this can done very fast and easy within the app. The interface is user friendly and displays a current exchange rate.  

Another great feature that I look forwarded to using more is the Disposable Virtual Card. This is a feature that allows you to have a virtual card that will change each time after each use therefor adding a second layer of security for online transactions. The card is generated in seconds and within the app and displays all the information needed for the transaction.

The last feature that I will highlight is the Vault this is internal “saving type” accounts that can be created for a variety of different reasons.

“Revolut Vault is an easy way to start saving for any goal you may have, in any of the fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies we currently support.

The money you save in your Vault will never be touched whilst you spend with your Revolut card. You can withdraw money in your Vault back into your main Revolut account instantly and at any time, so it’s available for you to use with your Revolut card immediately.

Need to save some Euros or Dollars for your next adventures, or want to regularly invest in your favourite cryptocurrency? Set your Vaults up in the ‘Dashboard’ section of the app, it’s that simple!”

Now we get to the Crypto, 

This is exposure for the cryptocurrency ecosystem for sure however very limited use. 

Now to the plans I have listed them below I recommend looking taking a look at what each offers and seeing what you will actually use, but the others do offer some nice perks. There is a waiting list when signing up if you use the referral link provided below you will not only skip the line you will also get to order the physical card for free. The site does offer it for free in the EU just not in the U.S. yet.

I am not a affiliate with them this is just my referral link. 

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