With Ripple Tech Cinnamon Spices Up Video Streaming

Ripple is now synonymous with blockchain-filled cross-outskirt payments, and now it’s going to disturb content creation. Cinnamon, another substance stage based on Coil, is expressing gratitude toward Ripple for the up and coming dispatch of a video spilling administration.

Cinnamon flavors things up over YouTube by allowing content watchers to reward makers, through online micropayments. While subtleties are meager, Ripple tweeted about the advancement, saying that the new video streaming administration shows a developing and extending XRP ecosystem.

With JPMorgan entering the crypto brawl, it probably won’t be an awful thought for Ripple to expand its perspectives.

“The #XRP ecosystem continues to grow and expand! Built on the @Coil platform, @CinnamonVideo is the first video streaming platform where content creators are paid directly by their viewers. #Xpring #InternetofValue #blockchain https://t.co/vRdQH79xJb

That could turn into a significant win for XRP’s utility, however, don’t hope to spend XRP on video gushing right now. “Right now, Coil just acknowledges Mastercards,” Coil disclosed in an email, ” yet we intend to acknowledge Interledger payments later on which will enable clients to pay with any Interledger-empowered Payment strategy, including XRP, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and numerous others.”

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